“Prayer Flags”

"Prayer Flags" Oil on canvas 24"x36", private collection, Fairbanks, AlaskaA painting commission recently completed. The original reference was shot on the China/Tibet border. This was one of the most complex paintings I have ever done. But challenges make us stronger.

“Prayer Flags”, oil on canvas, 24″x36, private collection, Fairbanks, Alaska

“Ice On Tally Ho”

"Ice On Tally Ho",oil on panel, 11"x14",private collection

“Ice On Tally Ho”,oil on panel, 11″x14″,private collection


Last fall shortly after I had moved to The Yukon Territory I went for a hike on Tally Ho Mountain with friends. The ice was so beautiful and the snow hadn’t arrived in earnest yet. A new form of water to try to capture!

“Mia, Yukon River”

New painting hot off the easel! “Mia, Yukon River”, oil on panel, 6″x12″.

It is available at Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

The environment is present, continually here. The light, the temperature, this river, all are hypnotic and the transitory nature of all of these elements is palpable every day. The Yukon River in particular tends to hold many people in its spell.

“I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show.”~Andrew Wyeth

Swimming Portraits get more exposure and what’s on the easel..

There has been quite a bit online writing about my swimming portraits lately. I am very thankful that these pieces have resonated with people as much as they have.

Temperatures are dropping here in Whitehorse but I am painting up a storm and keeping the studio fires burning!

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Here is what is on the easel currently. A portrait of my new friend and fellow Yukoner Emilie. She is a wonderful person and I am thrilled to paint her. This portrait is 30″x40″ and will be heading to Abbozzo Gallery as soon as is it complete and dry! http://abbozzogallery.com