“Ice On Tally Ho”

"Ice On Tally Ho",oil on panel, 11"x14",private collection

“Ice On Tally Ho”,oil on panel, 11″x14″,private collection


Last fall shortly after I had moved to The Yukon Territory I went for a hike on Tally Ho Mountain with friends

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. The ice was so beautiful and the snow hadn’t arrived in earnest yet. A new form of water to try to capture!

“Montana Mountain 2”

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"Montana Mountain 2", oil on panel, 30"x40", private collection, Paris, France.

“Montana Mountain 2″, oil on panel, 30″x40”, private collection, Paris, France.

“Montana Mountain 1”

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"Montana Mountain 1", oil on panel, 30"x40", available at Abbozzo Gallery

“Montana Mountain 1″, oil on panel, 30″x40”, available at Abbozzo Gallery