Sold Work Gallery

A small selection of  sold work. I am thankful for how many paintings have sold over the years and am adding to this page as often as I can…please check back frequently for new additions to my Sold Work collection.

"Self-Portrait, Pilsen",oil, 16"x12"
Looking Down Into Mother's Room Shortly Before The Future Arrived"The Diver", oil on panel, 60"x30", private collection."Inflatagator",oil,16"x12"Bellevue Ella Bakers, oil,16"x12",priv coll"Freud with Push Dagger",oil,8"x8",priv collection, USA

"Self-Portrait, inside",oil,8"x24", priv coll, Los Angeles, USA

"Ice On The YukonRiver", oil, 8"x8", priv coll.

 "Five Months",oil,10"x10", private collection

"The Selkie", oil, 60"x48", priv collection

"Central Park Angel",oil,36"x36",private collection,Delaware"Fairbanks Bus 142",oil on canvas,36"x24",private collection,Whitehorse,YT"To The Sea", oil on canvas, 24"x36", private collection, Hamilton, Ontario"The Red Toque",oil,60"x40",private collection,Delaware"Towards Fairbanks",oil,9"x12",private collection,Oakville,ON"Sasha",12"x9",private collection,Oakville"Wyll (wisdom)", oil on panel, 11"x14", private collection, Oakville, Ontario"Rob, Drifting",oil,48"x36",private collection,Erin,ON"David's Studio, Sunset", oil on canvas, 36"x48", private collection, Toronto, Ontario"The Companion", oil on canvas, 24"x36", private collection, OntarioWyll,(Bay And Bloor),Canadian Embassy,Turkey"Shoal Brook", oil on panel, 8"x10", Collection of The Canadian Embassy, Ankara, Turkey"Self-Portrait, Renewal", oil on panel, 8"x10", private collectionThe Alchemist,private collection"Lisa, Kanuti", oil on panel, 24"x18", private collection, Oakville, Ontario"Grandmother With Knives",private collection,Ottawa,ON"Through The Glass",24"x18",private collection,Halifax"Self-Portrait, Heavy",oil,30"x24",private colleciton,Winnipeg"Carly, Resting", 24"x24", oil on canvas, private collection, Vancouver, British Columbia"Self With Shadow", oil on canvas, 22"x28", private collection, St. John's, Newfoundland"Gayle, Snowshoeing", oil on canvas, 36"x 48", private collection, Oakville, Ontario"The Two Gayles",oil,30"x24",private collection

The Wedding Dress,oil,40"x30",private collection,Okotoks,AB"Nuptial",oil,40"x30",private collection,Burlington,ON"Gayle With Sheet",oil,30"x24",private collection,Toronto,ON"Quilted Figure",oil,60"x30",private collection,Winnipeg"Figure With Shawl",oil,30"x30",private collection,Oakville,ON"Back Stairs",oil,36"x24",private collection,ON"Gayle, Holly's Room", oil on canvas, 24"x36", private collection"Self-Portrait, Fitful", oil on canvas, 18"x24", private collection, Oakville, Ontario"Palette",oil,private collection"Kat",oil,48"x24",private collection"M", oil on canvas, 48"x36", private collection, Carlisle, Ontario"Gayle, Somewhere Else", oil on panel, 40"x48", private collection, Delaware, U.S.A.Fishing Stage, Fogo Island,private collection"The Rasberry House",oil on canvas, Private Collection"Cyril In The Sea Runner", oil on panel, 12"x16", private collection, Ontario"The Berry Picker, Greenspond",50"x35""Shadow Portrait", 24"x36", oil on canvas, private collection, Kingston, Ontario"Storm Over Wesleyville",oil, 36"x24""Laura(Stool)", oil on canvas, 48"x36",private collection, Oakville, ON"Jade, Waiting", oil on panel, 24"x24"

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Self-Portrait With Sasha, private collection, oil, 24"x18""Mia, Millennium Trail",oil on canvas, 24"x18""Laura, Curtain",36"x24",oil, private collection

"Ruby, Blue Blanket",oil,20"x20",private collection

"The Metamorphosis", oil, 48"x60", priv collection.

"The Siren", oil, 48"x24", private collection, Los Angeles, USA.

"The Insomniac",oil,7"x5",priv collection, Los Angeles, CA."North on I-29", oil, 16"x16, private collection, New York, NY."Montana Mountain II", oil on panel, 30"x40", private collection, France.