“Self-Portrait, Wings”

A new self-portrait is available. These self-portraits are cathartic and help me process life changes, turmoil, triumphs. They are some of my most personal pieces, and the most rewarding to see as time passes and wounds heal.

“Self-Portrait, wings”, oil on canvas, 8″x6″, available at Abbozzo Gallery."Self-portrait, wings",oil,8"x6", avail at Abbozzo Gallery.

“Gayle, Certain”

I’ve painted this house, and Gayle within it, so many times over the years. It’s a history of our friendship…"Gayle, Certain",oil on panel,24"x36", available at Abbozzo Gallery

“And in this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came.”~Truman Capote, “Other Voices, Other Rooms”